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Top Misconceptions about Getting Braces

Getting Braces Is Only Cosmetic  Whilst getting braces can help straighten your teeth and improve your smile, they also help your overall oral health. Braces are often recommended for a misaligned bite. Abnormal bites can lead to damaged teeth, and it can even make brushing difficult.   You Must have Braces for a Long Time [...]

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Toothaches and Swelling

Toothaches are a common occurrence, however, it can be concerning when you don’t know the causes. What are the Symptoms? A toothache can start suddenly, causing pain and discomfort. The pain may be mild to severe and can be experienced as a constant, throbbing and it could come and go. You may also experience pain [...]

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Caring for your Teeth during Christmas

Looking after your teeth during the holidays can fall to the back of your mind, however, it’s important to keep up your dental hygiene as much as you can. Here are our top tips for keeping up your oral care and avoiding dental emergencies during the holidays.    1. Book in an end of [...]

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Common Dental Problems for Kids

Children go through many changes as they grow, including their mouth, which is why it's important to ensure that they know how to take care of their teeth. It is very likely that at some stage your child will face a dental issue, whether it's from early tooth loss or dental anxiety. We have [...]

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What Makes A Good Family Dentist?

Healthcare practitioners come in all shapes and sizes. When looking for a family dentist it's important to choose a dentist that fits your needs and the needs of your family members.  But what makes a good family dentist? Here are some top tips on finding the right dentist for your family:  Child Friendly Most dentists [...]

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