Getting Braces Is Only Cosmetic 

Whilst getting braces can help straighten your teeth and improve your smile, they also help your overall oral health. Braces are often recommended for a misaligned bite. Abnormal bites can lead to damaged teeth, and it can even make brushing difficult.


You Must have Braces for a Long Time

Treatment plans vary from patient to patient, however, you might not need to have braces on for a long time, depending on your oral health. Most people have to wear their braces for one to three years, but it’s rare for patients to need them on longer. 


Braces Are Painful

A common belief is that braces = pain. However, braces today have been updated so much that the straightening process. They’re much more comfortable and apply a more gentle pressure to push your teeth into place. 


Wires Must Be Changed at Every Appointment

As we mentioned, each patient is different. Your straightening process will involve regular appointments so we can monitor your progress. We can determine if your wires need to be changed at the appointments according to how your teeth have moved. 


Braces Set Off Metal Detectors

If you’ve ever walked through a metal detector and worried that your braces are about to set them off, worry not. Braces are made of a light material that won’t get picked up by a metal detector.


Your Teeth Will Be Straight Forever 

Whist getting your braces off is an exciting time, it’s important to keep up your routines. Ensure that you wear your retainer regularly. Your teeth can still move a lot, so wearing the retainer will ensure all the hard work stays.


Getting Braces Means No More of Your Favourite Foods

Eating particular foods may be a bit trickier, but you can still enjoy your favourites. It may just mean that you have to chop up apples a bit smaller or remove meat from the bone before eating. 


Any Dentist Can Put Braces On

A dentist can’t put braces on, however, they can recommend you get them should they see a problem. Orthodontists study and train for years to put braces on and diagnose and treat other oral health issues.


Braces Will Weaken your Teeth

Braces can improve the overall health of your teeth. They become straighter and more functional, making them stronger, healthier and increasing the lifespan.