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Healthy Teeth Dental are proud to be able to provide a modern alternative to braces, otherwise known as the invisible teeth straightening technology, Invisalign.

Invisalign was developed by Orthodontists and is used Globally  with over 1.4 million patients being treated using the clear Invisalign technology and boasting a client satisfaction rating of 96%.

invisalign dentists brisbane

Invisalign involves using aligners created especially for you to straighten your teeth. These custom made aligners use invisible plastic that you simply place over your teeth and are extremely smooth and comfortable. Whilst you wear the aligners your teeth will gently move into their desired place that we set for you after initial consultations.

One of the main benefits of Invisalign, is that almost no one can tell that you are actually wearing them. There are also no wires to tighten or metal brackets, typically found on most forms of braces to straighten teeth. Aligners are designed to be worn and changed every two weeks, until you and your Orthodontist are happy that your teeth are in the correct positions.

Invisalign is designed to work in with your lifestyle to ensure, something that traditional forms of braces cannot always offer. Their easily removable nature ensures that you can take them out to eat your favourite foods and also when you need to floss and brush your teeth.

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